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Your meeting point is your clubhouse. From there you can go on to your functions in more than one hall. Why sit inside watching movies when you can take it all in on the big screen in your communally appointed mini movie house. Don’t forget that you still need your exercise. So plan your week well and make sure you spend some time in your equipped gym. And then you can rejuvenate in the spa. You can play games too, or just relax in the lounge after a hard day’s work.


Quality time alone, or just me time away from the kids and the missus or the man. But do that outside rather. What better way to recharge your batteries than being surrounded by nature, in this case an abundance of whispering pine trees to go with your landscaped parks and peace gardens? So do yourself and your family, and your community a great service, and spend more time outdoors. It will bring the best out of you yet.

Beyond the pine trees, the air is always cool and fresh. And beyond that, you have the mountains to gaze at.

One wonders if enough motivations have been given to sway hesitant readers in this direction. No, there is no lack of confidence in saying this; just the realization that old habits and customs remain pretty hard to break. But to be quite frank, aren’t you just sick and tired of all the noise and fumes. Yes, you need to work, there is no getting around that one, but what joy; you can still get to work on time every morning from your charming Swiss villa, not quite in the Alps but certainly surrounded by those large green trees and even more majestic mountain ranges.

Just remember, after you have finally signed on the dotted line and made that investment of a lifetime, you will never have that feeling of being shipwrecked from life, not like the Swiss family Robinson in any case. Speaking of which, is there a Robinsons Mall down the road from where you will be staying?

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