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A gateway from the old streets of downtown Manila to the secluded dwellings of upscale Quezon City, the preferred address of prominent families and ancestral domains of Hispanic heritage. Pine Crest is minutes away from illustrious Greenhills development and the sparkling lights of Tomas Morato.

Residents of the will enjoy the convenience of living beside its very own mall and the comforts of being near exclusive schools like Saint Paul University, De La Salle University, Xavier School and Immaculate Concepcion Academy. The property is also very near well-known hospitals like St.Luke's Medical Center and Cardinal Santos Medical Center. And since the area is bounded by Aurora Boulevard, commuting to and from end points of Manila and Quezon City will be a breeze through the LRT Line 2 station      


Whether you choose to walk, travel by bicycle, jeepney or SUV is entirely up to you, but let us quickly take a tour of the town as it were. Let us show you what you can expect to find within close proximity to your new Pine Crest condo. If you are going to make use of public transport, by all means because this is encourage, you do not have far to go. We already suggested that you could take a detour to Manila and rediscover your family roots.

If you wish, you could just visit places of history. In fact, why not go on a lecture tour, visiting some of Manila’s finest institutions of higher learning. It is also time to take a quick tour of what is now known as New Manila. On the commercial front, you also get to see what the city is famous for. And you can all let your hair down and go and enjoy a night on the town.


Pine Crest is directly opposite to the LRT 2. This important point leads you onto three main arteries; the Aurora Boulevard, Eulogio Rodriguez Avenue and Gilmore Avenue. From there you have access to all important routes to southern precincts of your new city.


Your lecture tour can be taken on foot. Once you leave your pine trees, you can stroll over to the Central Colleges of the Philippines, the Immaculate Conception Academy of Greenhills, St Paul University and the Xavier School.


It can take as little as five minutes to reach the Aurora Center and not more than fifteen minutes to get to Timog and Tomas Morato Avenues on wheels. Once there, you are all set for your night on the town with access to clubs, bars, restaurants and even comedy clubs and karaoke dives.


New Manila is essentially a residential district. Directly after the Second World War, this was an area of settlement for affluent families who wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy and busy streets of downtown Manila. And now look at you. You are here too. At long last. Your access to Aurora Boulevard also takes you on to Quezon City. Gilmore Avenue links up with Ortigas Avenue, taking you on to Pasig and Metro Manila proper.


Aurora Boulevard is also the avenue where some of your favorite TV shows have been produced. It is here where other higher learning institutions such as Christ the King Mission Seminary, St Luke’s Medical Center and the Trinity University of Asia is located.


The emphasis is still on having a good time but in a healthy sort of way. After you have spent a few restful days at home, you can head off back to the LRT2 and pick your destination. The emphasis placed in providing you with your secluded amenities is very much focused on helping you towards becoming a well rounded picture of health and wellness.

To complete the picture, and without any form of pontification, bearing in mind that it is all for your own good, and this is why you are here, it is necessary to spend as much time as you can outdoors. Why do that in the cities where there is no space to move or room to breathe when you can do all of that at home, and then some.

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